• 3 Things My Heaven Baby’s Due Date Reminded Me

    April 13th. I had been anticipating that date with both sacredness as well as dread. It was the should-have-been due date of our first baby, Lavender. For months, I saw the calendar bringing that day closer and closer. For the… Read More

  • 5 Things to Do for Someone Who’s Had a Miscarriage

    As a woman who has lost 2 babies, I can attest to the healing power of other’s loving words and supportive actions. Although I have experienced loss firsthand, I still struggle to find the words to say to someone else who has lost a baby. Each loss is so unique, just like each woman who is grieving is unique. But as with any heart that is hurting, comfort does not come from a perfect sentence or flawless sentiment. A grieving momma just needs to know that you are available and that she is loved. Read More

  • Because You Are a Momma

    It was Mother’s Day. My very first Mother’s Day. And I felt lovely. Not because of what I was wearing or how my hair or makeup looked. I felt lovely because I was growing life. Seven months prior, I had lost a baby. One well-intentioned comment I received was, “I’m sorry for your loss. You’ll be a great mom…one day.” Read More

  • Jesus Smells Like Lavender

    My daughter ran up to me this week with a big smile on her face, arms straight up in the air, one hand holding a small glass spray bottle. Its glass is a deep, transparent blue that makes it look like something that should be sitting in the window sill of a beach house. The handwritten label reads, Lavender & Rescue Remedy. Read More

  • Seasons of Savoring and Suffering

    Let’s Be Honest Here’s some honesty for you: A few months ago I lost my makeup bag. Not misplaced it. Not set it down somewhere I don’t usually keep it. I straight up lost it. I couldn’t for the life… Read More

  • Why I Got a Tattoo After I Lost My Babies

    Within days of losing our first baby at 13 weeks, I knew I wanted to get a tattoo. My body felt so empty, no longer holding the semblance of growing life. I wanted my body to forever display my baby’s… Read More