• Seasons of Savoring and Suffering

    Let’s Be Honest Here’s some honesty for you: A few months ago I lost my makeup bag. Not misplaced it. Not set it down somewhere I don’t usually keep it. I straight up lost it. I couldn’t for the life… Read More

  • Signs of a Miscarriage

    Am I having a Miscarriage? If you are pregnant and wondering if you could be having a miscarriage, you are not alone. Many women worry about having a miscarriage especially if they have experienced a previous loss, or if there… Read More

  • Why I Got a Tattoo After I Lost My Babies

    Within days of losing our first baby at 13 weeks, I knew I wanted to get a tattoo. My body felt so empty, no longer holding the semblance of growing life. I wanted my body to forever display my baby’s… Read More