About The Author

  • Meet Heather Butler

    Heather Butler is a proud Colorado native, currently living in the Rocky Mountains with her lumberjack-esque husband and their four small humans. She is also the momma of two precious babies on that side of heaven—Lavender and Pine. She is passionate about walking alongside other women who are grieving the loss of a baby.

    When Heather is not chasing toddlers or cleaning up crushed graham crackers off the floor, she loves going on adrenaline-fueled adventures with her husband. She is also obsessed with roaming the mountains and feeling God’s heartbeat in the massiveness of nature.

    She writes about loss and healing here. She is also a monthly contributor for Pregnancy After Loss Support, an online magazine that offers valuable resources, support, and encouragement to women who are pregnant after experiencing a previous loss.

  • Heather Butler - Author of That Side of Heaven